Transfer Process

Faculty and Staff Lateral Transfer Process

  • Employees may request a lateral transfer to another school provided that he or she meets the following criteria:
  • a. The employee has a clear renewable certificate

    b. The employee must be highly qualified for the position to which they are seeking a transfer

    c. The employee has satisfactory evaluations for the last three years employed at the current school/location.

  • Employees must submit a transfer request form to his or her principal during the designated transfer period. Transfer forms will be sent to all employees via email and made available on SharePoint, and in the offices of each school.
  • A list of eligible transfers will be made available to all administrators via email and SharePoint
  • Prior to any interviews being conducted, the hiring principal must contact the principal of the employee requesting a transfer to express his/her intention to interview the employee.
  • Principals will only conduct interviews with teachers on the transfer list who are seeking transfers to vacant positions for which the teachers are fully certified and highly qualified according to Title IIA requirements.
  • If an employee from the transfer list is selected to fill a vacancy, the principal accepting the transfer must contact the employee's current principal.
  • A completed recommendation form, acknowledging the transfer, must be submitted by the hiring principal to the Human Resources Department for BOE approval.
  • After receiving the recommendation, the Human Resources Department will verify the teacher's eligibility, include the recommendation on a BOE personnel report, and send the employee a letter acknowledging BOE approval of the transfer.
  • Transfers will not be approved by the NCSS Human Resources department if this process is not adhered to, in its entirety.
  • Note:

    The transfer process is utilized for lateral moves. The transfer process does not pertain to promotions within the district. A promotion is defined as any change in position that requires additional certification, an additional endorsement, and/or will result in a pay increase. When a change in assignment meets either of these criteria, the employee does not have to be eligible for a transfer to apply for the vacant position.

    An employee may also transfer, without adhering to the transfer process, at the beginning of a school year during which he/she is offered and accepts a head coaching position. This is contingent upon there being a vacant position for which he/she is fully certified at the school where head coaching responsibilities are being assumed.

    In general, no more than ten percent (10%) of an existing school's staff will be granted voluntary transfers during a given school year. Exceptions to this procedure may be made by the Superintendent with the approval of the Board of Education.

    Involuntary Transfers:

    If an employee is involuntarily transferred from the school at which they were originally hired, due to system needs after the beginning of a school year, the employee has a onetime option to return to their original school during the transfer period for the upcoming school year. An employee must have a satisfactory evaluation during the year of the involuntary transfer to be eligible for this onetime option to return to their original school.

    *The transfer process for non-certificated staff mirrors this process, minus the certification requirements.

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